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Investment Consulting

Whether you are new to investing or seeking a new direction, the professionals at Fort Washington Financial ("FWF") has the insight, expertise and resources to help you align your goals with the marketplace.


Corporate Retirement Plans

We understand that your retirement plan is a valuable tool for you and your employees. The professionals at Fort Washington Financial ("FWF") offer extensive experience to guide you throughout each step of the process. Whether you are adding your first company plan, making necessary changes to an existing plan or adding features to reward company executives, the professionals at FWF will provide relevant solutions designed to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide our clients with financial knowledge and insight to help make informed decisions with confidence.


Executive Benefits

Fort Washington Financial ("FWF") helps employers develop executive benefit packages. FWF analyzes products to design smarter, integrated solutions. We design benefit plans that address the retirement savings gap confronting most of today's higher-earning executives, helping them to attain their individual goals.


College Planning

Helping our clients save for their children's future...despite the rising costs, a college degree is more important that ever. Starting a savings plan can make a meaningful difference when it comes time to pay for college. Among the many advantages you will find with a college savings plan is a tax-advantage way to save for higher education expenses, such as tuition, room and board, and required books and supplies.


Wealth Management

FWF's personalized wealth management approach gives you the confidence to live the way you want in each phase of your life. We take the time to understand your priorities, once clearly understood, the customization begins.


Tax Management Strategies

The strategies you use to manage your accounts to control long term and short term tax liabilities can make a significant difference in the net after-tax value of your investments. We work with your tax advisor to help control your tax liabilities with the goal of ultimately enhancing the value of your investments.


Estate Planning

Offering clients estate planning and wealth transfer products and services that help preserve wealth during their lifetime while planning for the next generation.



IRA's can be a tax-advantage way to to help you save for the life you want in retirement. Get the basics, from choosing investments to taking minimum required distributions. Learn about rollovers and other choices for your old 401(k) when you retire or change jobs.


Disability Insurance

One of the most vital career decisions you can make is to invest in a disability income insurance policy. An unexpecteted accident or illness could financially devastate you, but disability income insurance safeguards future income.


Long-Term Care

Get the facts about Long Term Care ("LTC")... contact us to learn more about your options. Establishing an LTC Plan in advance may help make it easier for you to preserve your dignity, protect your savings and secure a healthy financial future.


Health Insurance

We will help you to find health plans and insurance solutions to fit your needs. Contact us to learn more about available insurance plans including medical, dental and vision for employers, organizations, families and individuals.


Life Insurance

Whether you are looking for life insurance a business owner, executive or individual we will help you find the right life insurance for you and your family. We will conduct a complete financial analysis to identify the amount and type of life insurance you need.


Small Business Retirement Plans

As a small business owner, you want to attract and maintain skilled employees, manage costs, and create a strong financial future for you and your company. FWF will help provid a variety of small business retirement plan options, planning tools, and advice to help you and your employees invest for the future.

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